Who is this Book for?


  • …that “life” is something that is passing you by, while you’re standing on the side and observing, without participating in it the way you want to,
  • …that you don’t have enough time to do what makes you truly happy, and to spend time with the people you care about,
  • …that there is a constant battle inside you when you start achieving your goals, and that success keeps passing you by,
  • …that time goes by unstoppably while you’re trying to do something with your life, but you have no vision of the direction you want to take,
  • …that you’re a victim of different circumstances and as long as these circumstances exist, you don’t really have much choice in creating a life the way you want it to be,
  • …that you are accompanied by insecurity all the time and you’re unable to relax and live a happy life because you’re living in constant fear of tomorrow,
  • …that joy and enthusiasm keep passing you by, without making an entrance into your world and sticking there,
  • …that your true value goes unnoticed by others and that you must struggle in order to prove yourself,
  • …that you’re waiting for some special day when you’ll finally make a move and begin living life to the full,

…and if all these things (or some of them) keep WEARING YOU OUT, DRIVING YOU CRAZY OR MAKING YOU LOSE MOTIVATION, while at the same time you WANT and you know you are ABLE and that you DESERVE much, much more…

Then the book is for You!